Toy Boxes – A Child’s Treasure Trove, a Mother’s Practical Answer

A common enough refrain heard in any house with children in it: “Put away your toys!” The usual reply would be something from an indifferent shrug with eyes still glued to Saturday morning cartoons on tv, to a frantic scramble to dump the offending articles back into their toy boxes before mom decides to sweep them out the door, ball, truck and all.

If the world is indeed a mad jungle, then a child’s room is a veritably fecund example of one, but one where the proverbial spray of fern hides not a grim truth, where none of life’s disillusionment would lurk in its shadowed nooks. It would be unthinkable for an adult to appreciate childish tableaus presented in colorful miniature – that is not a pile of books, but the craggy mountain where our hero, the lowly green toy soldier, would face his nightmare enemy in the form of a plastic tyrannosaurus rex with a broken leg and bad manners, and in the process rescue himself his heart’s desire, no other than the dollhouse maiden.

But children must, at some point, face the simple, practical truth that Mother Must Have Order. Adults, regrettably, no longer have space in their minds for princes and dragons, evicted by those steel-faced newcomers: mortgage payments and what to have for dinner. To an adult, this collection of mismatched playthings strewn all over the floor are seen merely as a hazard to their health, a maze through which big, clumsy feet would have to navigate with arthritic difficulty. And so back into their bins these items would go, with a pat in the head for a job well done.

Children need not worry, however, that their inanimate friends would suffer too much enclosed in their fortress. Manufacturers have found ways to make toy boxes not only practical but aesthetically pleasing as well, both to the adult and the juvenile eye. There are those bins made from durable plastic in vibrant colors, light and inexpensive. It would be easy enough, even for a child, to drag them back to the bottom of the bed, or against the wall. And then there are those beautiful hand crafted wooden toy chests, intricately carved and painted, virtually a five-star lodging for a child’s dolls and plastic animals.

While this kind would leave you with a lighter wallet, be comforted by the fact that these are usually sturdy enough to last generations, and could be presented as a wonderful family heirloom.

There is also the kind which doubles as a tiny desk, ideal for drawing and coloring activities. Another variant would be the cushioned seat with hinges, which could be lifted to reveal a well under it.

But where to find them?

Toy stores are the easy answer – it makes sense to find them where toys themselves are sold. Furniture shops would also probably hold them in stock. For the parent who does not wish to leave the house to purchase one, there are websites exclusively featuring these items.
Perhaps, as adults, we don’t completely lose our childhood memories; perhaps toy boxes are where they would end up staying, after all, and that thought is certainly comforting

Personalized Toy Boxes

Children are not typically tidy individuals by nature; organization is a skill that must be taught. Personalized toy boxes are a great way to instill that skill in them. A toy storage box is a must have furniture piece/accessory to every child’s room and playroom. Toy boxes have both helped children of all ages to grasp the concept of keeping their rooms in order by putting their toys away when they aren’t being played with and continuing to do so.

Encouraging children to clean their spaces and put toys away is easier on parents and much more fun for the child when using personalized toy boxes. The parent should first help the child to clean their individual spaces and show them where the toys will go. After a few clean ups together, the child will know where to put the toys on his or her own. Introducing a toy storage box to children early on is a good idea and will help to lessen the overflow of toys into other areas of the home. Areas that are higher traffic and hold a greater risk of causing injury – to yourself, your child, other family members and the toys you’ve invested money in and would not wish to constantly replace. Teach your child to avoid injury to both themselves and their beloved toys by putting any toys they are not currently playing with back into their personalized toy boxes.

Toy storage boxes are unique and come in many different styles and sizes, and the convenience they provide is so great that you may want to consider purchasing more than one and placing them in different areas of your home. A sturdy toy storage box, perhaps wooden, would work best for a child’s room as it would get lots of use. A foldable or collapsing toy storage box could be stored and used as needed in other areas of the home or while traveling. Having a toy box not only keeps rooms tidy and clean, but they maximize small spaces – giving the child more room to play and room for more toys.

Though there are many different toy storage designs available -ranging from plastic to mesh to the classic wood style, and even those with multiple features (doubling as a bench or activity table)- personalized toy boxes are the biggest hit with children. When the toy storage box is personalized – no matter what kind of toy storage box it is – it gives the child a sense of ownership and they want to use it. They’ll delight in putting their toys in their very own toy box and begin to understand and demonstrate great appreciation for what is theirs.

Personalized toy boxes themselves come in a variety. A child’s favorite character or color on a toy box will be deemed special to them. However, there is nothing more special than custom made toy boxes. Custom toy boxes allow parents to choose the size, shape, colors and details of a child’s toy storage box and add their name. These toy storage boxes can be purchased or handmade by the parent or another skilled adult. They make terrific additions to any home with children, instill good cleaning habits and make the journey to being well organized adults fun

Children’s Toy Box – 4 Important Points to Remember

Safety is key when it comes to buying or making a children’s toy box and there are a number of points to consider. When buying most manufacturers will have a very thorough quality control to pick up on any potential hazards and these are just a few guidelines if you decide to make your own toy box.

The best toy boxes have lids as it makes for a much tidier bedroom or playroom when closed up but safety is of the utmost importance as trapped fingers can cause lots of pain and many tears. There are number of methods you can use to make the lid safe on your children’s toy box. Firstly there are hinges that have a slow close pressure or springloaded mechanism that will ensure the lid can’t be slammed down hard. The only problem with these is the hinge themselves can be a trapping hazard to children. The best and also most popular method is to use padding on the lid or edge of the toy box. Although this padding won’t stop a determined child form hurting themselves by jumping on the lid with their hand in – it will certainly protect against the majority of accidents. It also has the added benefit of being nice and quiet so you won’t have to put up with the constant slamming of a toy box lid!

To an adult a splinter is just a painful inconvenience but to a child it can be a horrible experience which will need lots of hugs and ‘minor surgery’ on the part of mum or dad to make it better. That’s why getting rid of any potential splinters on the toy box before painting is absolutely vital. Careful attention should be paid to inside joints where it may be difficult to get a sanding device. Hinges are another potential area of splinters where it recesses and attaches to the wood.

Never use nails on joints as if the box was to ever come apart these pose the greatest risk to children’s safety. Screws and solid joints are safest but also make sure they are made of a none-rusting material such as galvanized or stainless steel.

The joints are also the place most likely to have splinters so after construction it’s imperative the joints are well sanded and finished off to ensure children don’t get nasty splinters in their fingers.

As adults we know furniture doesn’t taste so good – nor does paint! Kids on the other hand are notorious for trying to eat anything new or colourful. Although lead paints are long gone it’s still dangerous to use paints that aren’t specifically child proof. Kid friendly paints are available form any good DIY store and will be ideal for your child’s toy box. Kid safe paint tends to be made of less toxic substances and also harder wearing and harder to chip and scratch.

As owner of one of the UK’s biggest online toy retailers, I know what makes a good wooden toy box [] and I hope to help you in choosing a good one for your kids. So if you don’t want to risk building your own then we’ve got a huge range on offer that all meet stringent safety requirements and are fun additions to the bedroom in their own right.

Relive Childhood Memories And Design The Perfect Holiday Gift, A Personalized Toy Box

Who didn’t love getting a personalized gift as a child? There was something exciting about receiving a present with your name engraved or painted on it. If you ever needed to wow a recipient with a gift, a personalized item was a sure win.

Adult gift-givers can relive the fun of those childhood memories by giving personalized gifts. Today’s shoppers have many options in personalization ranging from “off-the-shelf” items to hand-painted or even custom engraved gifts. Online shopping supports all of these gift options and more with personal design tools to make gift-giving even more fun and meaningful. It’s now possible to create perfect holiday gift right from the comfort of home. Better yet, you’ll be able to preview the design, something you could never do with over-the-phone orders.

Design Your Own Is Perfect For Unique Names

If you’re one of those people with a unique name you know how hard it is to find personalized items off the shelf. If you know a kid with a hard-to-find name, you know how disappointing it is for them to never find anything with their name on it. Design your own options eliminate this frustration and allow you to bring a smile to the faces of these kids who are proud of their unique names.

A Personalized Toy Box Is Fun And Functional

One gift that will be welcomed by kids and parents alike is a personalized toy box. Kids will love having their own place for all of their treasures, made even more special by their name being displayed front and center. Parents will appreciate having a functional and attractive storage spot for the unending pile of toys kids seem to accumulate.

Personalized toy boxes come in all shapes and sizes from 100% hand-crafted and laser-engraved heirloom-quality pieces to manufactured fiberboard boxes that feature painted or acrylic lettering. Some toy boxes are large enough to double as a bench or coffee table, others are small enough to tuck into a corner in a bedroom or playroom.

A good toy box design tool will give you several options to choose from to design your toy box such as wood color, name versus monogram, and font choice. Before making your final purchase you should be able to see a mock-up of your design to verify that everything is spelled correctly and designed the way you want. With one quick glance you’ll be able to tell if it suits the personality of your intended recipient. If it doesn’t, simply play around with your options some more until it’s perfect.

This preview function takes the guesswork out of personalized gifts. No more waiting on pins and needles, hoping the final product looks the way you want it to. You’ll know exactly what to expect before you even click the purchase button.

Selecting The Perfect Holiday Gift

If you’re convinced that a personalized toy box should be on your shopping list this year, make sure it’s a quality piece. Quality pieces last longer and look better than cheaply made boxes. If you’re a discerning shopper you can find boxes with real wood construction that will last for decades, or even generations. What holds toys today can be used to store linens, china, games, or mementos in years to come.

The right choice means today’s gift can become tomorrow’s family heirloom.